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The Meaning of Scale

The term scale is mainly applied to systems containing the capacity to expand, yet very little is known about the internal psychological scale or the cosmological universal scale.

Thoughts on Intuition

Intuition can’t take place when we are biased. It only appears when we are in an unbiased or neutral state of mind. The moment we are biased or judgmental, we have taken a position, which invites opposing force to enter. Hence nothing can happen or manifest and intuition won’t appear. A neutral state of mind and objective perspective, which is the neutralizing force in that triad, is the prerequisite for the possible appearance of intuition.

Thoughts on 'know thyself'

Far Eastern Psychology, which is a separate body of work within Philosophy, forms the basis of our journey towards 'know thyself'. Its objective is to impart real understanding of objective truth that is based on actual experience.

Thoughts on the Meaning of Satsang

The literal meaning of Satsang according to Wikipedia is ‘Sat’ meaning Truth, and ‘Sang’ meaning Company, hence ‘Satsang’ can be translated as ‘Company with the highest truth’, or in Indian philosophy ‘Company with someone that has realised the highest truth’.

Putting things into Action

The ‘Self’ cannot be objectified, which is not merely an idealistic philosophical idea. It is a fact. Hence the main focus in the initial stages of meditation practice is to develop a greater sense of ‘Self’, which ultimately leads to a more permanent sense of self that forms the foundations towards a deeper state of meditation.