Alexander is proud to be collaborating with Yoopod to produce videos to help you practice meditation and ‘Asanas for the Subtle Body’ online

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Alexander has produced a trilogy of thought pieces, reading between the lines of three of his favourite Rumi poems - Copyright © Alexander Filmer-Lorch


Out Beyond

Between Voice & Presence




Alexander is proud to be collaborating with Movement for Modern Life to produce videos to help you practice meditation and ‘Asanas for the Subtle Body’ online

Rooting Meditation

This short, first meditation gives us the space to root, to ground, into the body and the breath in order to give the mind it's spaciousness. A meditation on the breath, which settles into the stillness of the mind. Best to be practiced before any kind of important event, meeting or challenging situation. Regularly applied, it gradually creates an internal anchor or reference point, and is an ideal preparation for meditation as well.

Containment Meditation

A beautifully soothing meditation practice, gathering all our scattered energies to take our focus inwards. Best to be practiced when we have given a lot of our attention to events in life and other people. It evokes a sense of hibernation and peaceful internal comfort, like coming home.

Sun & Moon Meditation

This meditation balances our active and passive forces within, known as feminine and masculine energies. Ideal for any situation that requires a greater sense of perspective, as well as a neutral view on things.

De-stress Meditation

This meditation has a profound impact on our central and autonomic nervous system. It generates alpha brainwave activity, which enhances our learning abilities, our memory, promotes rejuvenation and the ability to focus and concentrate. 

Increasing Focus Through Meditation

This simple guided meditation practice induces Alpha brainwave activity. Under the influence of Alpha brainwave activity the ever busy mind begins to relax and our attention shifts into a state of open focus. Best to be practised when we need to absorb and contain huge amounts of knowledge and increase our learning abilities, memory functions, as well as facing academic challenge

Theta/Breath Meditation

Breath meditation to generate Theta brainwave activity. This breath-focused meditation technique serves to help the self-healing process in the body. Theta waves are an ideal preparation for a very deep meditation and take us to a new level of consciousness. A wonderful practice to help internalise meditation.

Gamma / Objectless Meditation

An advanced level meditation practice to change the brainwaves to Gamma waves. Here levels of consciousness are changed to the deepest level, where profound changes can be made. This meditation is great for those who have done the Theta and Gamma meditation practices and who are regular meditators, comfortable with sitting for long periods.

I AM Meditation

A short guided meditation on the pure sense of being, on 'I am' the true experience of the self, experienced through breathing the 'I am'. A beautiful journey into the authentic nature the 'I', the nature of pure self.

Light of Consciousness Meditation

A meditation on consciousness. This meditation helps to bring more of the light of consciousness into the unknown parts of ourselves, essential for those of us on a path of inner-evolution, and even for those who aren't, this is essential for decision-making so that our true consciousness shines through in all decisions. This meditation shows us how to reduce the 'doing' and letting consciousness through 'allowing', which reduces resistance to the consciousness mind.

Eternal Body Breathing

The eternal body is a meditation on the different 'koshas' or layers of bodies which exist. This meditation takes us out of our purely physical body, the emotional/psychological body, to the eternal body, which lives beyond space and time. This is a more advanced, more spiritual practice. But with no judgements, just try to feel what you feel through this very special meditation.